Fudge & Toffee-Fudge and Toffe by Gabriel Design Team

Gabriel Design Team Portrays The Fudge & Toffee Fudge and Toffe

Gabriel Design Team, the creator of the displayed design Fudge & Toffee by Gabriel Design Team illustrates, The balancing act between tradition and modernity. The target was to design an unique product range for an innovative company that reconst <Cropped>

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Award Winning Amazing Hall-New Taipei City Interior Design

Chiang Chun-Hao Shares The Amazing Hall-New Taipei City Interior Design

Chiang Chun-Hao, the creator of the highlighted design Interior Design:Amazing Hall-New Taipei City by Chiang Chun-Hao explicates, The Amazing Club Banquet Hall offers wedding services and space. The brand name proclaims figure in this market and alw <Cropped>

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Office Interior Design:bbdo Indonesia, Jakarta Offices by Delution Architect

Delution Architect Designs The Bbdo Indonesia, Jakarta Offices Office Interior Design

Delution Architect , the thinktank behind the awarded work Award Winning BBDO Indonesia, Jakarta Offices Office Interior Design explicates, In this BBDO Indonesia Office The Delution architect create a unique and different lighting at each area,like <Cropped>

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Kingson Leung's H.e Homme Store Clothing Concept Store

Kingson Leung Reveals The H.e Homme Store Clothing Concept Store

Kingson Leung, the creative mind behind the award winning design Award Winning H.E Homme Store Clothing Concept Store explicates, Adhering to the concept of "taste, fashion, personality", the designer choices of 3 main materials - rose gold <Cropped>

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Wall Art:abstract World by Dalia Sadany

Dalia Sadany Spotlights The Abstract World Wall Art

Dalia Sadany, the creator of the award winning project Dalia Sadany's Abstract World Wall Art explains, Abstract World is a lighted metal wall art map of the world created as a decorative art piece for commercial office hospitality spaces. The d <Cropped>

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New Wardrobe Doors

Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Design a New Collection of Doors, Sliding and Hinged Doors, For a Series of Composable Wardrobe Systems Currently Featuring Their Catalogue.new Wardrobe Doors New Product Design Contest On Desall.com: Tomasella and Desa

Tomasella and desall invite you to design a new collection of doors, sliding and hinged doors, for a series of composable wardrobe systems currently featuring their catalogue.New wardrobe doors new product design contest on desall.com: tomasella and <Cropped>

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Collection of Fixed and Extending Tables by Tonettidesign

Tonettidesign Reveals The Roma Collection Dexo Collection of Fixed and Extending Tables

tonettidesign, the lead designer of the displayed project Collection of fixed and extending tables:ROMA collection DEXO by tonettidesign explains, The corner joint, in cast aluminum, gives the "go" to the legs and to the external frame and <Cropped>

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Waterfront Residences by Ar. Girish Pillai

Ar. Girish Pillai Reveals The The Wave Tower Waterfront Residences

Ar. Girish Pillai, the architect of the awarded work Waterfront Residences:The Wave Tower by Ar. Girish Pillai says, The building mass is a very modern futuristic architectural style which creates a lasting impression to Lusail City in Qatar.The de <Cropped>

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Tea and Coffee Table by Changheon Lee

Changheon Lee Discloses The Baan Tea and Coffee Table

Changheon Lee, the creator of the award winning work Award Winning Baan Tea and Coffee Table demonstrates, Inspired by geography contour models, this table maintains minimal functionality with the rest of the top remaining non-functional. This table <Cropped>

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Packaging Design For Gin:saxo by Gabriela Chelsoi-Creativebydefinition

Gabriela Chelsoi-Creativebydefinition Creates The Saxo Packaging Design For Gin

Gabriela Chelsoi - CreativeByDefinition, the architect of the highlighted design Gabriela Chelsoi - CreativeByDefinition's Saxo Packaging design for gin explicates, Saxo takes its inspiration from Jazz music and its colorful history that started <Cropped>

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