Mccorse by Diavelo Protanium and Centro Stile

Diavelo Protanium and Centro Stile Presents The Mccorse Electric Bicycle

Diavelo Protanium and Centro Stile, the creator of the displayed design Electric bicycle:MCCorse by Diavelo Protanium and Centro Stile explains, The Maserati electric bike is a new product and sets the standard for a upcoming category in the electric <Cropped>

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Kettle by Keren Hu-Udl and Liu Fang-Teawith

Keren Hu-Udl and Liu Fang-Teawith Portrays The Teawith Kettle Kettle

Keren Hu - UDL and Liu Fang - Teawith , the maker of the displayed project Kettle by Keren Hu - UDL and Liu Fang - Teawith illustrates, Teawith Kettle is born to be with tea. Rather than a traditional kitchen appliance, it provides consumers an elega <Cropped>

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Coffee Table by Steve Visser

Steve Visser Presents The Herculano Coffee Table

Steve Visser, the lead designer of the awarded work Herculano by Steve Visser explicates, Herculano was inspired by wooden items from ancient Herculaneum, Italy. The ancient; furniture, boats, and architectural elements were carbonized and preserved <Cropped>

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Wine Packaging by Wang Qi Jun

Wang Qi Jun Exhibits The Deshan Decang Wine Packaging

Wang Qi Jun, the author of the award winning project Deshan Decang by Wang Qi Jun spells out, With the inspiration derives from the "virtue mountains in Changde".Unlike other fancy, flashy liquor packages, in order to enhance its collecting <Cropped>

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Szidf 2019 Gadget Design Award

The Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, and, Invite You All to Design The Official Gadget/Souvenir For All The Attendees of The Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair 2019.szidf 2019 Gadget Design Award Also This Year

The shenzhen industrial design profession association, and, invite you all to design the official gadget/souvenir for all the attendees of the shenzhen international industrial design fair 2019.Szidf 2019 gadget design award also this y <Cropped>

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Calendar:tsunagaru Calendar by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Presents The Tsunagaru Calendar Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the creator of the awarded project Calendar:Tsunagaru Calendar by Katsumi Tamura explains, NTT East is a mainstay of telecommunications in Japan. As such, a universal quality that assures wide-ranging support across generations and <Cropped>

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Sangmin Shim-Fivemfive's North America Nextgen Leaders Academy Brand Identity

Sangmin Shim-Fivemfive Demonstrates The North America Nextgen Leaders Academy Brand Identity

Sangmin Shim - fivemfive, the architect of the award winning work North America Nextgen Leaders Academy by Sangmin Shim - fivemfive points out, 2016 North America Nextgen Leaders Academy is a North American integration conference held in New York as <Cropped>

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Shampoo Bottle by Musa Celik

Musa Celik Spotlights The Ipek Shampoo Shampoo Bottle

Musa Celik, the project leader of the displayed design Musa Celik's Ipek Shampoo Shampoo Bottle points out, Ipek is the hair care brand of L’Oreal and it is market leader of shampoo category budget segment in Turkey. A feminine and curvy packa <Cropped>

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Eggs Packaging by Antonia Skaraki

Antonia Skaraki Illustrates The Avgoulakia Eggs Packaging

Antonia Skaraki, the author of the awarded design Eggs Packaging:Avgoulakia by Antonia Skaraki spells out, When you want to taste a classic product in an unexpected way, you need unexpected packaging. That’s what the designers had to create for Avg <Cropped>

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The Banquet For Spatial Taste-Interior Design by Hao Chen

Hao Chen Designs The The Banquet For Spatial Taste Interior Design

Hao Chen, the thinktank behind the displayed design Interior Design by Hao Chen illustrates, The concept of this project is derived from the chef's catering experience, which can gradually construct the whole space with dramatic life stories. Th <Cropped>

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