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The cosmetic mirror simplifies Baroque style furniture, making it tally with modern aesthetic appreciation. The overall framework of cosmetic mirror uses stainless tube to support, with punching in the aluminum plate on the back board. The front is hollowed out to increase visual layers. The surface of mirror is the focus of vision, and the circular surface adds grace to the product, allowing it to be different from other products in current market. The bottom has a plate for storage.

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The tie chair 2020 is carved with the concept a chair that helps couples get along. The curve of the backrest is designed in such a way that when two people sit side by side, their bodies naturally snuggle together. As a seating for dining or to kick up your feet to enjoy your favorite book, it should suite any desired situation comfortably. Facing each other or side-by-side, the idea is to provide a format-less space allowing for people to be comfortable as they please.

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The dreamland study table combines ergonomics and powerful storage functions to meet the diverse needs of students around school age to adults. The table is equipped with desk-top lift and height adjustment function. The unique desktop area segmentation helps improve children's using comfort. It is equipped with a small clock to help children allocate their time. Powerful storage system, and rich accessories make the dreamland study table the best companion for children’s childhood.

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The cushion height and depth of the Huicong Study Chair could be adjusted while the child is growing up. Depending on the size of the child, the sitting depth can be adjusted slightly which is more innovative than other solid wood chairs in the market. The curved design of the backrest and ergonomics cushion makes it more comfortable to study for a long time. The design of adding wheels makes it easier and more convenient for children to use.

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Colored Finch

The design idea of Colored Finch Chair was inspired from the fairy in nature—finches. The bird observes all things in nature in trees. It looks proud and free, and its splendid wings covering the round body figuratively exemplify the fairy painting on the green canvas of nature. The designer thoroughly observing the postures of bird discovered the most general bird’s shapes artistically converted into the design of furniture, thus adding a touch of spiritual atmosphere of nature in the space.

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The unique design journey of wood. Burgu Stool combines aesthetics and functionality together while the design is specifically seperated from others. Height adjustment function enables you to use your stool with table and bistros easily and adds a stylish and aesthetic atmosphere to the environment. The stool can be carried easily with its minimal design and light weight. The industrial design come to life where gorgeous texture of wood meets technology.

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