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"Memoria" is a furniture project created by Sergio Sesmero for his Final Project of the Official University Degree in Product Design of ESNE. A proposal based on sustainability, functionality and the creation of new sensorial experiences, by the usage of concrete fabric as the main material, which is generally used in civil constructions that is characterized by its high durability, resistance and sustainability. The project arises from a deep study of the changes that are taking place in society, and how these are are affecting the forms of consumption.

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The lamp was designed on the principle of matryoshka dolls. It consists of three metal elements of different scales. They can be rotated and change the appearance of the lamp. To satisfy the customer's taste. These elements can be folded. With this, the lamp will become smaller. This will reduce the box and transportation costs. Each metal element resembles the silhouette of a classic table lamp. But smoother, to resemble the shape of a matryoshka doll. In the middle of the lamp is a sphere made of frosted glass. Inside the sphere are LEDs.

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X897 Pl1

The limited-edition X897 PL1 draws inspiration from the beauty of the cherry blossoming in spring. Maurice Taylor's design comprises folded aluminum layers with a white powder-coat finish that wrap around the light bulb like petals. The pendant light has been designed to carry a removable light filter that subtly taints the layers in color. In total, there are 100 lights and 100 corresponding digital certificates produced. These blockchain-based digital certificates (NFT's) carry a unique, numbered printable artwork linking back to the original inspiration, the cherry blossom.

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Three Tree

Three Tree is a temporary art installation developed for the art event in Taipei. The art installation employs digital technology and bamboo dowels, which is the traditional Asian crafting material. Three Tree coheres the NTNU museum neighborhood rich cultural and ecological background and welcomes visitors to discover exciting cultural exchange.

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Inspired by the shape of Chinese grille, The shape and compound mode provides a free appearance. This is a bookcase design composed of several modules. The bookcase can hold 4 cases in each row and 6 in each column. At the same time, each small module has four directions to form. This variable combination can form a wide variety of patterns. Users can design patterns according to their own preferences.

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Astoria was designed in order to meet the mobile usage features in addition to its aesthetic design concept. The product is composed of several materials. These materials are MDF, glass and brass. On the bottom plate, USB charging input feature functions. On-Off and Dimming functions are touch controlled which enable users to adjust the desired light levels. A glass holder is included on the base. All the design features make the product to solve many functions and to be used in several areas to create the desired ambience.

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