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This is a cloud-like chair that is raining. The seating surface enables a cloud-like expression by piercing polyester fiber into the polyurethane foam with a needle. It was inspired by Needle Felting. A high seat gives the seated person a floating. Stainless steel round bars are 5mm in diameter. There are 100 thin stainless steel bars. In addition, the mirror-like stainless steel legs and pedestal made it possible to express the rain.

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Brise Table

Brise Table is designed with a sense of responsibility for climate change and a desire to use fans rather than air conditioners. Rather than blowing strong winds, it concentrates on feeling cool by circulating the air even after turning down the air conditioner. With Brise Table, the users can get some breeze and use as a side table at the same time. Also, it permeates the environment well and makes space more beautiful.

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The Rainforest vases are a mixture of 3D designed shapes and traditional Scandinavian steamstick technique. The hand shaped pieces have extremely thick glass with weightlessly floating splashes of color. The studiomade collection is inspired by the contrasts of nature, and how it creates harmony.

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Codependent melds psychology and design, specifically focusing upon the physical manifestation of a psychological condition, codependency. These two intertwined tables must rely upon each other to function. The two forms are incapable of standing alone, but together create one functional form. The final table is a powerful example of which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Yizheng Comprehensive Gymnasium

Apart from the large volume, the facade uses the construction method of fixed ceramic panels and the facade of the main building is made of carmine ceramic rods. It's an original construction method. After many times of meticulous 1:1 experiment, the construction technology integrates complex functions in a simple way, hence creating transparent effects of the curtain wall and a unique and warm image of gift box. However, the construction method poses challenges on lights arrangement and adjustment on site.

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The design was inspired by the geometrical sculptures of Golden Ratio and Mangiarotti. The form is interactive, offering the user different combinations. The design consists of four coffee tables of different sizes and a pouf lined up around the cube form, which is a lighting element. The elements of the design are multifunctional to meet the user's needs. The product is produced with Corian material and plywood.

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