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Cosmo collection proposes an ordered and harmonious universe, of functionality and practicality combined with an aesthetic of regular and strict forms, for the most intimate and personal space. The set of the Icon headboard with the Noa container elements, form a personal bedroom furnishing, expressed through the minimalism of the forms. The thin horizontal and vertical lines host soft courtesy lighting that, together with the metal legs and harmoniously selected materials, create a powerful visual image.

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The “Amulet” lamp family is inspired by the basic magic of natural objects and materials. Sacral images of African josses and the most modern lighting technologies were combined together to bring up one of the most ancient intuitive senses of domestic space enchantment that people experience since the pre-historic age. Handcrafted glass beads are strung on the chain base of modernly designed acrylic and LED elements to keep the soul light up in a modern living space.

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Infinity Module RND

At the core of the design of Infinity Module RND is a suspended track and the possibility to choose different luminaries and their quantity. The system is designed for general or decorative lighting, depending on the capacity of chosen luminaires. It can serve as an art object if you combine several rings into one composition. A wide range of luminaires with high capacity, diffused and directional lighting, is available for the system. A special mechanical button fixator provides secure fastening of the luminaire on the track.

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This design references a quirkier side of lighting, offering a range of non-uniform, asymmetric blown glass forms that feature a hidden light source, emanating from a selection of intricate acrylic centres. Each can be viewed as a bespoke hand-crafted item yet belong to an overall aesthetic that ultimately explores the relationship between light, both natural and integral, and the singular beautiful properties of overlaying layers of twisted optical glass. Initially offered as a stand-alone pendant, future plans include table-top variations, wall lights and multi-array feature chandeliers.

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U-Shaped Side Table, featuring U-shaped structures, combines a natural wood top and cool metal frame to bring visual enjoyment. The frame is connected with screws hidden in covert positions, ensuring great stability while lending a clean look. Be it in your living room or balcony, this side table creates a cozy landing spot where you can keep your coffee and books at your fingertips.

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This is a small animal child stool. A three-legged stool pouted its tail and became a lovely chair. With a simple and clever structure, it can be easily switched between two forms and assembled. It can be a child's chair or it can be turned into a child's stool. It is the child's small seat, but also accompany the child to play a "small animal". In addition, the legs of the stool are equilateral triangles that extend far beyond the surface of the stool, giving the small stool an incredible degree of stability.

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