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Design should be understandable, sensitive and necessary. It's terrific how a road sign is readable by everyone or how an object recalls of a particular period of people life. Solving and interpreting without leaving behind respect for environment: this is good design with hope to reconnect human beings to nature. Siro is a table lamp, composed by a hemisphere and a disc, unleashing a radiant light toward the inside. When observed from the front, the lamp seems to consist of two bi-dimensional shapes, creating an illusion of perfect equilibrium.

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Cavalletta is a high stool designed for residential and commercial use in bars and kitchen balconies. It is suitable for different balcony heights and decoration styles. Its wooden seat is CNC sculpted into an ergonomic shape to enhance comfort. The beauty of natural wood is another feature that is highlighted in this project as the client is well known for its high quality wood products. The overall design of the Cavalletta stool emphasizes its lightness, contemporary style and comfort.

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Design inspiration is from the significant philosophy of East Asian culture which is called Zen. Zen has a saying that empty is there, not empty is not there. the concept was melted into this series of design, the overall shape of the idea of round, simple, smooth, empty, using ofrosted plexiglass to create a fine water feel, increasing the appreciation and safety of furniture. This furniture suits for a variety of using environments.

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In the year 2020 people had to reinvent their lifestyles and face a collision of professional and private in their homes. Inspiration to solve this problem was found in one of the concepts of modern partial physics, supersymmetry, which explains how the substance can transform into matter. A lighting fixture was designed to help people to switch between their life essences by the simple move and magnetic click. The lamp transforms from a vertical source of soft light to a horizontal source of concentrated light for work, creation, and close communication.

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One Hundred

Innovative, Multifunctional and Minimal. Their design stands out from all the rest in its level since it displays both creativity and uniqueness. Creative because their team used graphical figures of number 100 to design a multifunctional floor lamp and unique because where else can one find a light which also purifies the air? This is probably just the beginning of the journey of numbers finding their paths to the world of design.

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Family of four luminaires designed for rotational molding technology explores its advantages. The family includes two basic shapes: Zeppelin and Balloon. These shapes are designed to be used in various applications, sizes and proportions. The inflatable shapes used for aeronautics, air and clouds are a sign of lightness and simplicity. It is a fine metaphor for suspended lighting fixtures appear floating inside interior spaces.

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