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Adamas lamp tries to combine the elegance of the Italian design tradition and the beauty of the Japanese origami art, with a calibrated match of different materials. The paper lampshade, realized by hand through origami technique, provides a warm and soft light. The iron, chosen for its physical characteristics, allows a slender structure that wants to enhance the lightness of the lampshade. The connection between these two elements shape is a brass cone, which serves as lamp holder.

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Sunac WandaRealm Kunming

This project was designed in Jan 2018 and opened business in Dec 2019. Regarding to the traditional culture of local ethnic minority and the theme of antique building style of the hotel group, designers layout lighting plan by unearthing the concept of “symbiosis between architecture and people” and pursuing a sense of ritual symmetry in the central axis.

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One Avenue Center (Block No.3)

When live in cities, people always need a moment to free, letting the mind float and roam wild just like a piece of fluttering ribbon. Because this project is a commercial mall, lighting should added more characteristics to building. The fish-scale shaped facade, a image of lightheartedness with pure elegance is created through polychrome hue dancing lights twinkles and wandering dynamically in this prosperous commercial district which seems like a touch of tenderness endowed by the architecture.

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High Heel Church

Most residents think this park is too dark at night and no features before. The church is not connected to the environment, so they used a highly reflective material, let the reflection of light spread all over the park. Residents also said that the starry sky here is very beautiful, and jokingly said can put the starry sky into the church. They calculate light angle, let the church become galaxy. Now both residents and tourists will enter the park and inside the church dance, take pictures with music and enjoy the romantic atmosphere here. Most people come here at night.

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Ponto table is an innovative combination of aluminum - the supporting beam - and solid wood – the legs. In the upper-end of the legs, a “negative print” of the extruded beam-profile is milled out. This allows the leg to be slided onto the beam and left where wanted. When the table stands, gravity locks the legs and stabilizes the whole construction. Advantages: Freedom in leg-positioning, customizing in shape and size, good stability, extremely long spans between legs, easy exchange of legs and easy separation of materials after the lifespan of the table.

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Vague is a de-constructed stool with structural curves which form its shape. An astonishing piece of furniture, for every different angle from which it is seen reveals a harmonious composition. The metal-cast stools bring out the poetry of what was the sketch inception; lines previously drawn morph into tubes and highlight the environment as a ready-to-enjoy object of art.

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