Opioid Overdose Kit:nalox by Celeste Greenbaum

Celeste Greenbaum Creates The Nalox Opioid Overdose Kit

Celeste Greenbaum, the author of the award winning project Opioid Overdose Kit:Nalox by Celeste Greenbaum explicates, 175 people die a day in the U.S. from an opioid overdose, and naloxone is the drug that can reverse it. Loved ones and passerby are usually the first to find an overdose victim, but current naloxone kits have not been designed with their needs in mind. Nalox was designed to be a better overdose kit. It is simple, intuitive, discrete, and small enough to be carried at all times so that it is there when the user needs it most. Most importantly, it brings empathy and control to those who desperately need it. In short, Nalox puts the power to save a life in everyones hands. .

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