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Mountain Bench

The Mountain Bench was inspired by the traditional aesthetic elements of Chinese painting. The design was dedicated to presenting the user with an aesthetic of oriental Zen. The Mountain Bench was made of mahogany, and the parts were hand polished, and finally painted to ensure the appearance. It is easy to clean, easy to manufacture and suitable for use in the living room.

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A side table been as sculpture.The combination of technology and design makes the Peyto as a sculpture. The wood in this design is showing the behavior of fluid materials like concrete. Not only the form, but it presents a special function. The unique way of standing gives the user the opportunity of pulling Peyto into his/her bench. It makes Peyto a side table which can be an inside table, too.

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This design is based on the concept of nature and then enhanced in the details of the layout. Because the customer is the same as ours, the workflow is very important. The Interior layout is very neat and every different function beautician room is simply distributed so there is no need to get lost. Inspiration is derived from the natural beauty . Some of the concepts adheres to can be realized, including the integration and sharing of life beauty and medical beauty. Just forget the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, and enjoy a refreshing spa tour in a relaxed and comfortable environment

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The bench was inspired by the sinuous lines of brazilian architecture from the 60's, which remained an emblematic moment in our aesthetic history to this day. Oscar Niemeyer, arguably one of the world's most famous brazilian architect, always created structures based on curves. Some of his magnificent buildings seemed to float above the ground, while sustaining an elegant silhouette.

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Through conducting a research on approximately most of Iranian instruments, and analyzing their forms, especially Taar, this time, they have come up with a design in regard to the furniture design. They have created a bridge between these ancient and nostalgic forms, holding both modern and postmodern approaches towards the furniture design. This sofa is a combination of wood, leather, and steel.

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Fields is a multi functional outdoor sun lounger. It can be used as a regular sun lounger and can easily be transformed into a sofa, simply by flipping up the backrests and installing the backrest cushions. No screws or complicated fixations, simply flip up the backrests and enjoy. Great for people with small outdoor spaces. Enjoy the sunshine during the daytime and use the sofa with friends and family at night. You can also create a sofa/lounger simply by flipping up 2 backrests while still using the sunlounger backrest.

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